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GAINcast Episode 239: On learning

Becoming the best is about getting the most out of yourself as a coach and as a person. It’s about learning. On this week’s GAINcast we explore the nuances of learning and some overlooked methods to learn and improve.

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Sports Science Monthly – June 2021

Every month we take a deep dive into the latest research in sports science. In this month’s edition we look at research on transitioning from athlete to coach, developing psychological resilience, creating a safe learning environment, pacing, and much more.

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3 overlooked methods to improve your coaching

Good coaches are learners. What often separates the average from the good coach is their process for continuing to learn. Research on serial winning coaches has confirmed that as well: coaches repeatedly at the top of their sport were shown to be highly curious, lifelong learners who drove success through vision, values, and environment.

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