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"The Wrecking Crew"

The Wrecking Crew is an amazing documentary about change, innovation, humility, teamwork and sacrifice. This is not a sports documentary, but it very well could be, rather it is a documentary about a group of back-up musicians who changed the game. The old studio musicians were not adaptable. They played the notes as they were written and trained to play. They were very formulaic, stuck in their ways, why should they change it had worked before, but music was changing and the demands were changing. So along came the so-called “Wrecking Crew” a group of younger musicians many of whom had backgrounds in different genre’s of music who were completely adaptable and willing to push the envelope. They went beyond the notes as written, they made connections, looked for rhythms and tempos that other either ignored or had not seen. They realized that they could not change music by playing the same. Read more

My Favorite Songs of 2014

Love music? Me too! Music plays an important role in an athletes life. Be it while training, pre-meet preparations, hanging out relaxing with friends and family, or smashing the iron in the weight room. Over the last year, here are some of my favorite songs. Hope you find something you like. Enjoy! ?
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