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HMMR Podcast Episode 12: The Offseason

The World Championships started on Saturday, meaning that the offseason is near for elite athletes. But for the rest of us the offseason is already underway. I frequently get questions on what to do during the offseason. Should you be working on building a base of strength? Refining technique? Getting in reps of throws? Building aerobic endurance and work capacity? On this week’s episode of the HMMR Media Podcast Nick and I take a look at some factors to consider when setting up an offseason training plan. Read more

My First Offseason

The concept of an offseason is very foreign to me. I know all about the regular season, the preseason, as well as winter and fall training. But the offseason is truly uncharted territories. That is why I initially panicked when I sent Dr. B my training results after my last meet and received this short message in response: “Martin. Stop training. 3 Weeks passive rest. AB”

Three weeks might not sound like much, but let’s put that in perspective for me. Last year I took just ten days off after my season ended … and that was for my honeymoon. Read more