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5 ways to rethink your approach to injuries

To start off the year our site theme has been built around injuries: better understanding them, how to reduce them, and how to come back from them. We’ve gathered various perspectives on the topic, from physiotherapists to coaches and athletic preparation specialists. Below are a five key lessons that I’ve taken home from all the experts.

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GAINcast Episode 261: Building and rebuilding the amateur athlete (with Donie Fox)

We often talk about developing elite athletes, but the amateur sporting world is even bigger and more demanding in many ways. On this week’s GAINcast coach and physiotherapist Donie Fox joins us to discuss how his team have implemented athletic development structure into their local GAA club. In addition we discuss the differences between building and rebuilding athletes, and how the mental side of physiotherapy is the real difference maker.

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Thoughts on back pain from a recovering physio

Hello. My name is Tracy. I’m a recovering physio. I used to believe in and perpetuate the myth of core stability. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 125: Integrating Physical Therapy (with Tracy Fober)

Too often in sports the coaches and sports medicine staffs are speaking in different languages. US Ski and Snowboard coach Tracy Fober has tried to bridge that gap. As a strength coach and formally trained physical therapist, she has develop holistic solutions for helping athletes recover from injuries and making them robust enough not to get injured in the first place. On this episode of the podcast she discusses her approach. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 32: Movement Screens (with Randy Ballard)

Screening movement has become a big trend in sports medicine and injury management. But what needs to go into a movement screen to make it effective? On this week’s episode University of Illinois Director of Integrated Performance and Interim Director of Sports Medicine Randy Ballard joins us to share how he creates an effective movement screen that addresses his athlete’s individual needs. Read more