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Talking Specific Strength on the Performance Podcast

Coach Wil Fleming and I go back a ways. We competed against each other back in college and while he has moved on starting his own gym and running a great blog and podcast, we still keep in touch to talk about training occasionally. A few years ago I did an interview for his blog about Westside Barbell. This year he provided input in our coaching roundtable about Olympic lifting for the throws. And just last week we chatted about specific strength for his new venture: The Performance Podcast.
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What Makes a Good Coach

Earlier this month I had the privilege of being interviewed by the Sports Coach Radio podcast. The podcast posts weekly in-depth interviews with leading sports coaches, sports scientists, exercise physiologists and team performance directors. When Glenn Whitney, the host, asked me if I would be interested in doing an interview I was a bit dumbfounded as to why. I’m always looking to help HMMR Media gain a bigger audience, but when I said he interviews leading people, I truly meant leading. He’s had some outstanding interviews Harry Marra, Vern Gambetta, and Clyde Hart in track and field and coaches of the same level in other sports too.

530838756ae1cfe0244204750c5d4761In the end we actually spoke little about coaching despite the name of the podcast. Instead we dove into topics like how to balance a career, technology in sports, and the hammer throw. All topics I fell like I can hold my own on. To have a listen, click here. But in preparation for the interview I spent some time thinking about coaching and since I didn’t get to speak about it as much during the interview, I thought I would share a few brief thoughts on the topic here.
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House of Throws Podcast

I had the pleasure today of being a guest on the House of Run podcast. Kevin and Jason are great hosts. Like Jesse Squire’s blog, their podcast provides the perfect fan perspective in their short humor-filled weekly broadcasts about all things running and track. This is their first episode to touch on throwing, so I felt honored to shed a little light on the bigger guys and girls of track and field.
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TrackFocus Weekly Reviews 2010

As much as I love the hammer throw, I am a really a fan of every track and field event. The hammer throw just happens to be the one I participate in. Coach Metcalf used to use my knowledge of the everyone’s personal bests as an example for the rest of our team. Others, e.g. my teammates, thought I was teacher’s pet. Now most of my throwing colleagues think I’m crazy for watching events like today’s New York Marathon. The truth is that I just like the sport and have as much fun watching a good marathon as I do watching an elite pole vaulter.
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