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GAINcast Episode 252: On training

On this week’s episode we jump into the trenches and look at some recent training trends, misconceptions, and ideas on planning. We also share some examples of good training we’ve seen first hand this summer.

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Analyzing the Olympic pole vault competitions

Not only did this year’s Olympic Games mark the high point of the year for pole vaulters, it also presented a new era in the sport. Two first-time Olympians won gold, showing adversity of against the tough conditions, as well as two seasons training and competing under a pandemic. Below I take an in depth look at both the men’s and women’s competition, as well as some thoughts on what sets apart the sport’s biggest star: Mondo Duplantis.

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HMMR Podcast Episode 180: Flying high (with Herbert Czingon)

Pole vault is one of the world’s most dynamic sports, requiring elite levels of sprinting, jumping, and gymnastics from athletes. Herbert Czingon has been coaching the event for decades as both German national coach and now Switzerland. He joins us on this week’s podcast to talk about how his approach to planning for the complex event has changed over the years to better identify the individual needs of athletes, plus a discussion on the unique demands the sport requires from athletes. Read more