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HMMR Podcast Episode 294: The overhead athlete (with Dan Noble)

Training the overhead athlete is a topic that is shrouded in myths and misconceptions. On the week’s episode coach Dan Noble joins us to discuss how his training methods for overhead athletes have spanned the whole spectrum and how he came to his current approach. In addition we talk about the nuances of sports-specific preparation, the bench press, preparing athletes for training camp, and more.

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HMMR Podcast Episode 230: Preseason planning (with James de Lacey)

A teams success during the season is often tied with how effectively they prepare in the preseason. Integrating the tactical, technical, and physical preparation can be an art. Recently James de Lacey shared an 8-week preseason rugby training plan on our site. On this week’s podcast, he dives deeper into his principles of preseason training and discusses how they can be adapted to different environments and different sports. Read more

The principles of preseason planning

Preseason training can vary from sport to sport. Some teams get just weeks to prepare athletes, some get a few months. Others are currently heading into preseason without a clear idea of when the season will actually start. No matter the situation, the principles remain the same. Read more