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The HMMR Glove is Going to Rio

While most athletes got the day off on Wednesday, the hammer throwers were busy at the Olympic Trials. Olympic silver medalist and Hayward Field facilities manager Lance Deal helped organize a special hammer throw competition that brought the hammer throw back onto the infield at America’s most historic track and field venue. Read more

The Glove of Champions

When we introduced the HMMR Glove in 2014, it was the first hammer throw glove made for and with input from elite throwers. Based on the feedback we are continually improving what we feel is the best glove on the market and, as a result, more and more elite throwers are trying it out too. It’s been used in the European Championships, Pan Am Games, and even made it’s World Championships debut last summer with US champion Kibwé Johnson. Now US record holder Amanda Bingson has been the latest world class thrower to give it a spin. Read more

Holiday Special on Hammer Wires

Looking for a gift for that hammer thrower in your life? Help them stock up on hammer wires for the upcoming season and save in the process. Our premium hammer wires are hand made in America to meet your exact specifications and offer the best in quality, strength, and performance. If you order before Christmas and use the coupon code xmaswires you can get 10% off. Read more

Welcome to the HMMR Media Classroom!

It’s been an exciting week at HMMR Media. We added a new author, Benn Harradine, on Wednesday. And today we are proud to announce the newest section of our site: the HMMR Media Classroom. Read more

Special Deal on Short Wires

Note: this offer has expired as it was on a first come first serve basis, but we still offer wires of any length for the lowest price online. Click here for details.

We sell some of the best hammer wires around and have a limited number of short hammer wires available for purchase at a steep discount of just $3.33 per wire. Details are below. I hand make each wire to specification to ensure top quality and performance. (Also if you are interested in normal length wires, we also sell those at the lowest prices online) Read more

10% off Implements and Training Equipment in the HMMR Media Store

HMMR Media has had an online store for several years, offering some great books as well as a selection of unique hammer throwing products like our HMMR glove, handmade hammer wires, and throwing resin. We proud to announce our store has expanded to offer a wide range of throwing and training equipment. And to promote the launch, we are offering 10% off all training equipment and throwing implements (except indoor hammers) until the end of the month. Take a look at our new offerings below. Read more

Protect Your Hand

The saying goes that you are only as strong as your weakest link. As throwers we use our hands. And if you let your hands break down your throw will two. That’s why the HMMR Media has two great products for hammer throwers and shot putters to protect their hands: the improved HMMR glove and the Rhode Throws shot put glove. Read more

Introducing the HMMR Glove

I hate to get philosophical, but the glove is what connects a thrower to the hammer. Without a good feeling, the throw is gone. I used to make my own gloves, but they were never quite what I wanted and then I turned to some friends.

This spring I used one of Steve Bartholomew’s gloves and also did a giveaway. His introduction of the extra flap for heavy hammers was great, but I wanted something a little more special for the European Championships. I also wanted something special that would allow me to wear a watch and show off my sponsor Maurice Lacroix at the big event.

I worked with a friend in Seattle on a few handmade designs before we found a simple design that worked:


We produced a unique look that stands apart from all other hammer gloves. And not only does it have a cool and simple design, but already at the first training session it felt broken in. It worked perfectly with my resin too. With strong bison leather and secured by 550 parachute cord, I felt one with the hammer: protected and connected.

You can order the HMMR Glove at our store and with wires, resin, books, and other great products. Or you can simply order it below.

Order Now

Price: US $30.00

Shipping: At this time, gloves are only shipped within the US. Contact us if you are interested in an international order.

Note: Please select the hand the glove will be worn on (i.e. right handed throwers should purchase a left hand glove).

Gear Up For the Outdoor Season

With the NCAA and high school championships finishing up last week, this weekend marks the unofficial start of the outdoor season in America. To throw far you need to have the right gear and the HMMR Media store has two great products to help start the outdoor season off well: premium hammer wires and hammer throwing resin. Read more