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Cumberland Invitational (RI) Results

Indoor state champion Alva Hicks (Classical, Providence, RI) came out on top at the annual Cumberland Invitational. After Courtney Jacobsen’s (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) personal best earlier in the week, it was Hick’s time to shine as she threw a new best of 167’9″ to win the competition. Jacobsen finished second, less than two feet behind. Lysah Russell (Classical, Providence, RI) also won a close battle for third place. Read more

2015 Rhode Island Division Championships Results

The post season began in Rhode Island earlier this week as athletes competed across four divisional championships. The biggest improvement was by Courtney Jacobsen (Toll Gate, Warwick, RI) improved her best by nearly ten feet en route to a win in the Central Division. Her new best of 178’6″ is also the third best mark in the nation. On the boy’s side the top marks once again came from the Barrington throwers as Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) narrowly edged Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) to set a meet record and win the Eastern Division title. Sophomore Jared Briere (Woonsocket, RI) also improved his personal best to win the Northern Division Championship. Read more

International Implement Invitational (RI) Results


Medalist in the U18 boy’s hammer throw.

The annual International Implement Invitational gives throwers a chance to compete with international implements like the 3-kilogram (under 18 girls), 5-kilogram hammer (under 18 boys), 6-kilogram hammer (under 20 boys), and more. At this year’s edition Bobby Colantonio (Barrington, RI) provided the biggest highlight. Throwing the 5-kilogram hammer, which will be used at the World Youth Championships in July, Colantonio launched a throw of 78.18 meters. That mark ranks him fourth in the world for under 18 athletes in the young 2015 season. His teammate Adam Kelly (Barrington, RI) hit a personal best with the 6-kilogram hammer that also ranks him in the world top 20 in the under 20 age group. In all, there were nation-leading marks all over and meet records in all but one category.

2015 International Implement Invitational
Conley Stadium, Providence, RI
Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sponsored by Classical HS and MF Athletic

Meet record: 70.79m (232-03) Adam Kelly – 2014
Athlete School Metric Imperial
1 Bobby Colantonio Barrington 78.18m 256-06 *
2 Jared Briere Woonsocket 64.17m 210-06
3 Palazzo Joseph Classical 56.79m 186-04
4 Adrian Matos Central 54.29m 178-01
5 Dilyn Cote Woonsocket 52.35m 171-09
6 Jacob Greenless Woonsocket 51.06m 167-06
7 Kevin Fofanah Classical 40.45m 132-08
8 Zeke Cohen Classical 35.90m 117-09
Winning series – Colantonio: 73.51m (241-02), 78.18m (256-06), SFL, 72.18m (236-10), Foul, SFL
Meet record: 51.51m (169-00) Alva Hicks – 2014
Athlete School Metric Imperial
1 Makena Thomas Narragansett 51.38m 168-07
2 Alva Hicks Classical 50.05m 164-02
3 Meagan Malloy Smithfield 49.02m 160-10
4 Lysah Russell Classical 49.00m 160-09
5 Lauren Swanson East Greenwich 48.74m 159-11
6 Carly Timpson Narragansett 48.25m 158-03
7 Abby Cousens Portsmouth 43.56m 142-11
8 Danika Okasia Bloomfield, CT 41.30m 135-06
9 Joangely  Mata Mt. Pleasant 40.31m 132-03
10 Faith Estelle Bloomfield, CT 38.07m 124-11
11 Amanda Taft Woonsocket 37.16m 121-11
12 Sasha Strelnitskaya Springfield, MA 36.76m 120-07
13 Marie Loua Classical 36.57m 119-11
14 Katerina Gray Lincoln 36.40m 119-05
15 Samantha Andrews Lincoln 36.36m 116-00
16 Kailynn Figueroa Classical 34.10m 111-10
17 Emma Harrington Bishop Fenwick, MA 31.95m 104-10
18 Kayeawon Mendee Classical 21.49m 70-06
Winning series  – Thomas: 51.38m (168-07), 50.11m (164-05), Foul, 50.29m (165-00), 50.27m (164-11), 47.63m (156-03)
Athlete School Metric Imperial
1 Annika Kelly Barrington 42.19m 138-05 #
2 Gabriela Ribeiro Woonsocket 18.13m 59-05
Winning series – Kelly: Foul, Foul, 37.89m (124-03), 40.32m (132-03), 42.19m (138-05), 40.95m (134-04)
Meet record: 65.78m (215-10) Adam Kelly – 2014
Athlete School Metric Imperial
1 Adam Kelly Barrington 70.20m 230-04 *
2 Bobby Colantonio Barrington 69.30m 227-04
3 Mike Alvernaz Barrington 56.45m 185-02
4 Francy Mata Mt. Pleasant 54.59m 179-01
5 Shane Olson Bishop Hendricken 52.05m 170-09
6 Palazzo Joseph Classical 49.22m 161-06
7 Joe Taylor Lincoln 46.30m 151-11
8 Jamie Heinl Barrington 46.11m 151-03
9 Adrian Matos Central 45.81m 150-03
10 Dilyn Cote Woonsocket 44.37m 145-07
11 Marcus Vieira Peabody, MA 43.11m 141-05
12 Anthony Danicher Classical 40.02m 131-05
13 Thanadron Phenglee Classical 38.70m 127-00
14 Kevin Fofanah Classical 37.69m 123-08
15 Zeke Cohen Classical 25.75m 84-05
Alexis Bonilla Classical Foul
Ariel Ayala Peabody, MA Foul
Jacob Greenless Woonsocket Foul
Winning series – Kelly: 62.83m 204-08), SFL, 66.07m (216-09), 70.20m (230-04), Foul, 70.07m (229-10)
Meet record: 53.05m (174-00) Leah Mistowski – 2013
Athlete School Metric Imperial
1 Makena Thomas Narragansett 55.28m 181-04 *
2 Meagan Malloy Smithfield 52.78m 173-02
3 Lysah Russell Classical 51.89m 170-03
4 Samantha Andrews Lincoln 42.88m 140-08
5 Sasha Strelnitskaya Springfield, MA 39.64m 130-01
Winning series – Thomas: 53.88m (176-09), SFL, 52.74m (173-00), 55.28m (181-04), SFL, 54.79m (179-00)
Athlete School Metric Imperial
1 Annika Kelly Barrington (MS-3K) 45.83m 150-04 #
2 Gabriela Ribeiro Woonsocket (MS-3K) 23.57m 77-04
Winning series – Kelly: 32.14m (105-04), 45.83m (150-04), Foul, 44.78m (146-11), 44.81m (147-00), Foul
Meet record: 57.37m (188-02) Charlie Ionata – 2013
Athlete School Metric Imperial
1 Adam Kelly Barrington 61.65m 202-03 *
2 Mike Alvernaz Barrington 50.66m 166-02
3 Jared Briere Woonsocket 48.56m 159-00
4 Francy Mata Mt. Pleasant 46.45m 152-04
5 Shane Olson Bishop Hendricken 45.27m 148-06
6 Marcus Vieira Peabody, MA 43.16m 141-07
7 Jamie Heinl Barrington 40.17m 131-09
8 Joe Taylor Lincoln 39.23m 128-08
9 Alexis Bonilla Classical 37.75m 123-10
10 Anthony Danicher Classical 35.85m 117-07
11 Thanadron Phenglee Classical 35.43m 116-03
12 Ariel Ayala Peabody, MA 34.58m 113-05
Winning series – Kelly: 52.10m (170-11), Foul, 57.97m (190-02), 59.09m (193-10), 61.65m (202-03), 58.64m (192-05)

  • All athletes competed unattached. School affiliation for continuity purposes.
  • All schools are Rhode Island school unless noted otherwise.
  • Manual conversions from Metric to Imperial using the BIG GOLD BOOK.
  • * = New meet record.
  • # = Establishes meet record.

Brian Moretti Falcon Invitational (RI) Results

Owen Russell (Moses Brown, Providence, RI) was the headline attraction at the Brian Moretti Falcon Invitational on Saturday and he lived up to expectations with another big throw. His winning effort of 222’2″ was not only almost 100 feet ahead of his closest competitor, but a meet record and just one inch off of his personal best. Read more