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100 Throwers for Leon

Leon Joslin (1912-2012)

There were advantages and disadvantages of training off campus when I attended the University of Washington. The main downsides were the commute and the fact that the left side of the sector only extended 65 meters before meeting a steep hill filled with blackberry bushes. On the plus side, I got a chance to throw with a lot of other people in the community since West Seattle Stadium was the only place in town to train. I threw with local high school kids and throwers from the bustling masters scene, aged 13 to 99. The 99-year-old was Leon Joslin.
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Goodbye Northwest, Hello Zurich

Throughout my career as a hammer thrower, I’ve constantly been traveling to find coaching. I traveled to Harold Connolly‘s cabin in southwest Virginia, to clinics on both coasts, and across the country to learn from the country’s top coaches. As a young college thrower, I went to training camps in Hungary, Belarus, and Slovenia to learn from the world’s top coaches. Then, in 2005, I met Anatoli Bondarchuk after he moved to Kamloops. He wrote my training programs while I attended law school in Seattle and after years of making the five-hour drive to visit him on the weekends, I’ve spent most of my time in Kamloops since graduating in 2008.

In comparing Zurich to Seattle, one of the main differences is that people use umbrellas for the rain in Zurich.

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