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GAIN: a brief history

I want to share with you a little bit of the history of GAIN.  We started GAIN in 2007 with 14 brave souls at the Holiday Inn sports complex in Sunrise, Florida. That was the actual physical start of it. The genesis and the idea behind Gain goes a long way back really to my early years of coaching where I quickly learned that total immersion was the best learning environment. When I went to conferences or workshops where everybody lived together did active learning. Those were the things that I got the most out of.

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The multiple dimensions of an ideal learning environment

Most people view learning as accumulation of knowledge. This can be part of the learning process, but rich learning environments offer so much more. I was reminded of this when listening to last week’s episode of the GAINcast. GAIN is a community I have been lucky to be a part of over the past decade. GAIN is an event, but as mentioned on the podcast, it is also a network and a community where people will reach out to each other year-round to share ideas, ask questions, provide suggestions and recommendations, etc. To me, it is one of the best examples of what an ideal learning environment can look like.

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GAINcast Episode 260: The network

GAIN stands for the Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network. Most people think it is all about Gambetta, but the Network is the most important word in GAIN. On this week’s GAINcast, three original GAIN members join us to discuss the power of mentorship, and how the network has evolved their own coaching careers, and some lessons learned from past GAIN events.

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Save the Date: GAIN 2023

GAIN 2023 will be held June 13 to 17 at Rice University in Houston, Texas. GAIN started 2007 with twelve attendees and four instructors and has grown to ninety attendees from all over the world and eighteen faculty. GAIN is a community of professional’s eager to learn and willing to share ideas and information.

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HMMR Podcast Episode 277: Oregon22 preview (with Shaun Pickering)

For the first time ever, the World Championships will take place in the United States, bringing the world’s best throwers to battle it out in Oregon. The action kicks off next week, but this week we already sit down with Shaun Pickering to break down each event with the top storylines, predictions, and more.

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HMMR Podcast Episode 276: Learnings from GAIN

Vern Gambetta’s GAIN conference took place for the first time since 2019, and we were there to experience it. On this week’s podcast we reflect on our biggest learnings and takeaways from GAIN 2022.

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Coloring outside the lines

This week the GAIN community has gathered together for its first in-person event since early 2020. It’s refreshing to sit around and exchange ideas again. And it’s refreshing to be challenged. Good coaches challenge convention and color outside the lines. That is our theme at GAIN 2022 and something I talked about in my first keynote to set the stage for the event. You can watch it for free below and learn more about the GAIN Network.

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Building and rebuilding the complete athlete

I’m interested to hear from any of you that attended this seminar. I started teaching it in 1992. I taught three that year and four each subsequent year until 1996. From 1996 to 2003 I taught twelve a year.

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Announcing GAIN 2022

GAIN is back in person in 2022! Applications open today for GAIN 2022, taking place from June 14 to June 18 at Rice University in Houston Texas. Space is limited, so apply soon to secure your space. Some key details are below and you can learn more and register at: https://thegainnetwork.com/events/gain2022/

  • When is GAIN? June 14 to June 18, 2022
  • Where is GAIN? Rice University in Houston Texas.
  • How do I apply? Submit your application at: https://thegainnetwork.com/events/gain2022/ Please be aware enrollment is limited. We will let you know within ten days if you are accepted.
  • What is GAIN? GAIN is a community of professional’s eager to learn and willing to share ideas and information. GAIN is not about more exercises, sets, reps and training methods it is about passionate people who pursue excellence with honesty, integrity and respect to make a difference in the lives of the people we coach and teach. It is open to Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development coaches, Sport Coaches, Physical Therapists, ATC’s, Chiropractors, Doctors and Physical Education teachers. You can learn more about GAIN our this week’s GAINcast (https://www.hmmrmedia.com/2022/01/gaincast-episode-235-its-gain-time/) as well as the 2019 State of GAIN presentation (https://thegainnetwork.com/video/state-of-gain-2019-gambetta/).
  • GAIN Mission – To focus on the possibilities for enhancing human movement with no limits or limitations and emphasize connections and links between all disciplines in the same manner we emphasize connections and linkages in the body.
  • How much does GAIN cost? Tuition is $2299 for new attendees and $1299 for returning attendees. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner each day, and lodging at Rice University, as well as access to the GAIN Library, GAIN Master Class Series archives, and HMMR Plus membership.
  • Why do I have to apply? Can’t I just sign up? Having people apply is part of what makes GAIN special. It would be easier to make it open for anyone to enroll, but that is not what GAIN is about. We are looking for people willing to share and challenge themselves and others to grow professionally. The people in the network with you are as important (maybe even more important) than the faculty experts. The connections and inspiration you get from those around you have a significant impact on the experience.
  • Who are the faculty? Our full faculty is listed on the GAIN website. We’ve chosen a faculty that has a tremendous breadth of experiences and a record of excellence in across all fields of sports performance from skills coaching to athletic development, to sports medicine and physical education.
  • Where can I learn more about GAIN? Visit our website (https://thegainnetwork.com/events/gain2022/). You can also call us at 941-378-1778 or email Vern Gambetta at gstscoach@gmail.com

GAINcast Episode 235: It’s GAIN time!

It’s been almost 3 years since GAIN last took place in person. But in 2022 that will change. GAIN is back! On this episode of the GAINcast we’re happy to formally announce the full details of GAIN 2022 and open up applications for participants. We hope to see you there.

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