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Swiss Athletics Hammer Workshop

Whenever I complain about the hammer throwing situation in America, I always need to remind myself that it could be worse. It could be like Switzerland. America has come quite a long ways in the last decade. Switzerland has been going in the other direction.

The Swiss hammer throwing community in Locarno.

In the late nineties, Switzerland had more than five throwers over 65 meters. For comparison’s sake, Canada, a country with nearly five times as many people, had just three throwers over 65 meters last year.

But the fortunes have changed. Last season I was the only thrower over 65 meters in Switzerland and I learned to throw in America. Two more throwers were over fifty meters, but both are over 35 and had either already retired or were nearing retirement. The next best result was under 50 meters and an underwhelming 45.98m was good enough for the bronze medal at the Swiss Championships. With few coaches and competitions, participation is low. We need to do something to turn things around, and thankfully the Swiss federation agrees. They invited the top throwers, coaches, and youth to a hammer throw workshop last weeked at the Tenero national training center near Locarno. This was the first such event here in more than a decade.
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Update on the Evergreen Athletic Fund

eaf_vertAs I’ve mentioned before, this past year I founded the Evergreen Athletic Fund to assist local throwers of all ages. I thought I would give you all an update on how things are progressing. With the slow economy, fundraising has also been slow. While we have found some generous donors, we are also moving forward with our broader plans. This past summer we hosted our first youth hammer throw competition with nearly every athlete recording a new personal best. We’ll be hosting another competition in early October and are also starting up a youth clinic series that will not only allow us to help youth athletes, but will also help us raise funds to meet our goals of helping elite athletes.
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