GAINcast Episode 34: Live from Glasgow

Two weeks ago Vern and I got the opportunity to present at the Scottish Athletics annual coaching conference. At the end of the seminar we got that chance to pose some questions to all the presenters at a roundtable session. We recorded that discussion and present it as this week’s episode. Read more

GAINcast Episode 32: Reflections

This past weekend both Vern and Martin presented at Scottish Athletics National Coaching Conference in Glasgow. During the seminar they took a few minutes away to share some instant impressions on the seminars they had heard so far, including topics like distance training, youth athletic development, and more. Read more

GAIN Swimming – September 16 to 18, 2016

Are you interested in being challenged as coach to make your swimmers better? Would you like to learn how to systematically make your athletes stronger and keep them injury free? If so, GAIN Swimming network can help. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 60: Nick Rants

Nick is easily irritated, and sometimes he needs to let off some of that steam. On this episode we dive into a few of Nick’s most recent rants and pet peeves on a wide variety of topics. Read more

GAIN 2016 Reflections

In the past years I have written my reflections a day or two after GAIN ends. For various reason I have waited for almost two weeks. GAIN IX was the by far the best ever. I looked back on my reflections from past GAINs and I always say that the most recent was the best ever. No I am not given to hyperbole. This GAIN was the best; it was a giant leap forward in all respects. The content was great as expected, but it was more than that, everything clicked I think we really struck at the essence of GAIN which is the interaction, the sharing and the learning. Read more

GAINcast Episode 18: GAIN IX Recap

This year’s GAIN event is in the books. After a long drive home, Vern discusses some of the highlights and take aways from this year’s event on this episode of the GAINcast. Read more

Win A Chance to Learn From Dan Baker In Person

Train with PUSH is a proud supporter of the HMMR Podcast and, as we’ve mentioned on our most recent episodes, they have agreed to do a special giveaway for our listeners. PUSH is bringing world class strength coach Dan Baker to the US next month and wants one of our listeners to attend for free. Learn more about the event and how to win below. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 54: Building a Home Gym

Every athlete and coach dreams of setting up their own home gym. Both Nick and I have experience setting up home gyms and on this episode we share our tips in putting together an effective and inexpensive solution to train whenever you want. Read more

Countdown to GAIN 2016

Six days to GAIN 2016 at Rice University in Houston Texas. We have our largest turnout ever although the goal is not to be big we have achieved our goal numbers. Too big and the personal interaction and sharing that makes GAIN special is lost. We have delegates from all over the world and the US. Our three areas of emphasis: Athletic Development Coaching, Sports Medicine and Physical Education are well represented. Reminder this is not a conference or a clinic it a professional development network for those who want to want to be the best at getting better. Read more

3 Things I Learned From John Kiely

I’ve given many seminars over the past few years, but last weekend’s event was perhaps the most unique event I have been involved in. It might have actually been the first periodization seminar ever that spent all of 10 minutes discussing the actual periods. Instead we took a step back to look at the complexity of the problems we are trying to address with periodization, strategies and processes to deal with the complexities, and then surveyed a variety strategies in action. My portions focused on some many of the best practices we can learn from some of the master coaches I have worked with and had the chance to interview for HMMR Media. My co-host John Kiely focused his time on the complexities and what we can learn from science about the problem and potential solutions. He covered many topics like mental biases and how to deal with them, gaining power through simplicity in training, and optimizing organizational processes. I could write several posts with what I learned on Saturday, but decided to focus on three big picture take-aways I learned from Kiely over the weekend. Read more