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GAINcast Episode 238: Athletic development paradigm

Where do you start when training athletic development for a new sport or athlete? Vern Gambetta’s athletic development paradigm gives coaches a 4-pronged analytic tool to make sure you develop a plan that fits the sport, position, and athlete. On this week’s GAINcast he breaks down all four elements with examples from his experience working in a variety of sports at the highest level.

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HMMR Podcast Episode 104: Breaking Down Sports

Working with a new sport or athlete requires that you understand what they are working towards; the coach has to break down and analysis the needs of that sport. This is the first step in creating a sport-specific plan. On this episode of the podcast Nick and I share our process for analyzing a sport and walk through each element step-by-step. Read more

GAINcast Episode 17: Sport Demands

Understanding the demands of your sport is the first step in effective program design. On this episode Vern walks through his four-step process of defining sport demands and provides some practical examples from world-class coaches.

This Episode’s Question: How can coaches define and address the demands of their sport?

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