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Ask Martin Vol. 11: Maximum Strength

Question: You mentioned in your post this week that you never max out. Is that really true? How does training for maximum strength fit into your program? -Alex

A common question between throwers is: what’s your max in the clean? Or snatch. Or squat. Or whatever lift. I always find this question leads to an awkward conversation since I will respond that I do not know what my max is. The questioner will then think I am trying to keep a secret and then nag me for an answer for ten minutes.

To honest truth is that I have not maxed out in any lift since 2005. I can guess and give a good estimate of my strength levels in the clean and snatch, but I have not idea what I can squat and frankly I don’t care (in fact, I also have not done a full squat since 2005, but that is a story for another day). Maximum strength plays an insignificant role in our training. Our training is focused on throwing and special strength, so naturally maximum strength gets left out. We have to be fresh enough to throw ten times a week. While training at high intensities can produce some fast strength gains, it can leave your muscles dead and central nervous system fried for one or more training sessions. For us this isn’t an option, especially when there is such a weak correlation between general strength levels and results.


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