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The break down: Dylan Armstrong and finding double support in the shot put

We started a series on HMMR Media at the end of last year that looks at breaks down the technique of top throwers through their own eyes. We started with a breakdown of Matty Denny’s discus technique. Up next is the shot put technique of 2008 Olympic medalist Dylan Armstong.

» Related content: Learn more about Dylan Armstrongs work with world champion hammer thrower Ethan Katzberg in HMMR Podcast 308.

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The break down: 3 keys to Matty Denny’s technique

We’re starting a new series here on HMMR Media focusing in detail on throwing technique. There are a lot of sites and YouTube channels that break down the technique of elite throwers. With this series we aim to do things differently: break down technique in the words of the athletes and coaches.

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Why a technical philosophy is more important than a technical model

Earlier this week Nick Garcia wrote about how we think too much about good technique rather than what style will fit an individual athlete. Looking at the final technique is trying to reverse engineer the problem. What we should be looking at is the philosophy that it all started with. One thing that top coaches have in common is that they understand the throw and have an idea of what forces they want to create. How that looks and what the athlete needs to do to achieve it might result in different technique, but the core idea is front and center. Read more