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Using Bar Velocity to Determine Athlete Readiness

Regardless what sport we work with it is often our goal as coaches to try and determine athlete readiness for competitions. Many of us coaches understand that in a sport like track and field there will be meets and possibly many meets where our athletes will not be at peak performance or even ready to throw a respectable distance in comparison to their personal bests. This is normally planned for because the ultimate goal is to throw far, jump high, and run fast at the big meets like the conference championships, regionals, and finals. Planning like this can be called periodization or as Coach Gambetta refers to it as planned performance training. Read more

HMMR Podcast Episode 33: Technology in Training

If you ask people what has changed the most in training over the last decade or two, the first answer will most often be something related to technology. Technology has become a huge part of our lives and, as a result, a growing part of training. From gadgets to apps, they can add value in many ways. But they can also be a distraction. On this week’s episode we talk about how we use technology to help our training and ways we also ensure it does not hurt our training. Read more

A Different Approach to Velocity-Based Training

A big topic in sports training over the last six months. Research is exploding in this area as technology advances. The technology to measure bar speed has been around for decades, but new advances have put that technology in the hands of more people and made it easier to work with the data. I’ve been testing out two products, from Push and GymAware, for the last few months and will write more about the technology later in the week. But I wanted to first cover look at some of the theory and research regarding velocity-based training.
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Technology and Training

logoIf you are looking for top quality track and field writing, the guys over at the Daily Relay are slowly putting together the best track and field commentary site on the internet. From “Track Super Fan” Jesse Squire’s detailed analysis to the witty writing of House of Run Podcast co-host Kevin Sully, the site is a must read for all track fans. They also have great interviews from Pat Price and contributions from Jim McDannald. While only Jesse has the moniker “super fan”, they are all genuine fans writing about a sport they love, and it shows through in their work.

The site just started a new series called Athletech. With Athletech, the Daily Relay will look at the gear and technology the track and field community uses to get stuff done. I love technology, and so when they asked me to answer a few questions for the series it gave me a chance to reflect on the role of technology in my coaching and training. Read the final product here.
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App Review: KinesioCapture Video Analysis

Training alone as often as I do, video review can be an important tool. I often find myself relying on feeling when no one is around to give me immediate feedback. But this is dangerous; feeling can lie but video doesn’t.

Side by side video analysis with KinesioCapture helps you compare throws.

After a good throw I often go to the video to confirm what the feeling told me, only to find the throw looked like nearly every other throw of mine. After a decade of throwing, I can only manage subtle difference in my throws. Yet I always have high expectations and then play mental games with myself to find improvements where none exist. Good video analysis software can help you spot the small things that actually do improve: the one degree deeper leg bend or slight shift of balance to the left side. Ever since I got an iPad last year I have been looking for a video app that can help me analyze both my own throws, and those of the youth throwers I coach. I finally found that in KinesioCapture.
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