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Stimulus Threshold

Basically the challenge in preparing athletes for competition is to find the optimum training load with the appropriate stimulus to ensure continual adaptation. That requires determining the stimulus threshold for each of the physical qualities being developed and what is right for each athlete. Read more

It’s not the bat!

This is from the feature story in last weeks Sports Illustrated “Exit Stage Center” about Derek Jeter by Tom Verducci. If you want some great insights into sustained excellence, competitive greatness and leadership read this article. This story in the article about the bat really resonated with me. Read more

Good, Better, Best

It may be trite to say, but good is the enemy of great. After workout this morning I was reflecting on what it takes to be the best. It is easy to talk about and intellectualize about being the best, but actually taking the actions necessary to be the best is another thing. Start with talent and ability (I know I did not define them, that is a topic for another post I am working on). But I have seen many talented athletes who never took that last step to greatness; it is a big step into unknown and sometimes uncharted territory. It is a step filled with uncertainty and risk. Read more

The Secret

secretAlways have to chuckle when I see a new article or a post on the unveiling of the latest secret training method. I will let you in on a little secret there are no secrets. There are no shortcuts to the podium. You can keep looking if you want but you are wasting your time. Know the basics, master the basics repeat them until they are flawless. Read more

It’s Not About The Coffee

starbucksI am a big fan of Starbucks and believe me it is not about the coffee because I am not much of a coffee drinker. I could not tell Sumatra Plus from instant coffee, but I do know one thing about Starbucks it is all about the experience. The joke among friends and family is that my office is Starbucks and I have branch offices all over the world. Most importantly the terms of the lease are quite favorable. At my main office AKA the Starbucks at the corner of Fruitville and Honore in Sarasota they know me. (By the way if you are ever in Sarasota give a call and I will meet you at the main office.) When I walk in they know I want a Grande unsweetened ice tea with four ice cubes. It cost $2.09. I can get twice as much tea at McDonalds for $1.07, so why Starbucks? Plan and simple it is about the experience. Read more

Just Doing It

Just doing it is not good enough to get significantly better. You can go through the motions and just do it. Anybody can that, but if you truly want to be the best and achieve your potential you must go beyond just doing it. Just doing it is putting the time; it is mindless work that makes you tired. Read more

Every Bit Counts

Training is a process. It is a process of blending all components of training into a useable whole to allow adaption in pursuit of competition goals. Every bit of training big and small counts. The art is assembling those bits so that they fit together seamlessly. Read more

Pay The Piper

There are no shortcuts, crash programs or quick fixes that will get you there faster. You will always have to pay the piper whether it is sooner or later. It is better to pay up front by being very thorough in the development process with a balanced program that builds a solid foundation. All components of fitness must be trained at all times of the training year and the career, just the proportion and emphasis changes with advancing training age and proficiency. Read more

Vern Gambetta

Random Thoughts, Ideas and Observations

Coaching is teaching, the key to good teaching is communication and the key to communication is not more talking, it is more listening. Good coaches listen more and talk less. Then they act (not react) on what they hear. Read more

Following the Flock – Sheepwalking To Mediocrity

sheepI learned a long time ago that if you follow the flock of sheep for too long eventually you would step in shit. Just doing something because everybody else is doing is not a good reason for continuing to do it. You must think for yourself, look for a better way. Read more