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More or less?

More or less? Does it have to be a binary choice?

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HMMR Podcast Episode 201: Sprinting and jumping (with Randy Huntington)

We often talking about sprinting and jumping as separate components of training, but when you look at the training of the world’s best sprinters and jumpers, there is more in common than different. Randy Huntington has worked with athletes ranging from world long jump record holder Mike Powell to Chinese 100-meter record holder Su Bingtian. He joins the podcast this week to discuss how he conceptualizes the two events and what his experience has been working in a new culture.
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Training mistakes

The following is a list of some mistakes that I have made in coaching and teaching. If you learn from your mistakes I should be a genius, but unfortunately some of the lessons were only learned after I repeated of these mistakes several times. I hope that by sharing these with you, it will help you to avoid making the same mistakes I have made. Read more


Is more better? More miles, more tons, and more training sessions. Certainly, more can be better at various stages of a career, but and that is a very big but, you can quickly reach the point of diminishing returns. Now what? Then you are signing that old blues song the more better blues. Read more

GAINcast Episode 28: The Volume Trap

Volume is a core element of athletic development. When we start out with athletes, the first test is often how much they can handle. When we talk with other coaches, we first look at how much they do. But are we asking the wrong questions? On this episode of the GAINcast Vern looks at how we need to change our thinking about volume and get out of the volume trap. Read more