A New Job

Earlier this month I announced that I left my job at Univar Inc. I enjoyed the work, the people, and the flexibility, but the job required me to be in Seattle. As a result, I had to leave my coach any time I wanted a paycheck. This was not conducive to throwing far. With a lot on the line this year, I decided to leave the job and spend more time with my coach.

There are three things I look for in a job: (1) flexibility; (2) a valuable experience; and (3) the amount of time I’ll be able to spend with my coach. My job at Univar had two of those three elements. Today, I accepted a position that will give me all three elements. When I arrive in Europe for the summer in mid-May, I will be working at UBS in Zurich.
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Counting Down the Days

The indoor track season is heating up, and it’s is making me anxious to start my season too. Yet again this year I’ve had the pleasure of providing news and commentary for the Evergreen Athletic Fund’s and  This season has already produced some great results that have been fun to write about.  I’ve spent more time recently working on both sites and our traffic has doubled thanks in part to some great features we’ve posted on my training parter Kibwé Johson, world junior champion Walter Henning of LSU, my friend Brian Richotte, D3 record holder Kevin Becker, Norwegian champion Steffen Nerdal of Memphis, as well as emerging coaches Dave Hahn and Scott Block.
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January Update

I apologize for the lack of updates this month, but January has been quite busy.  While the rest of the Kamloops training group has spent the month in Arizona, I have spent the month in Seattle with my family.  While the training facilities are inconvenient in Seattle, I have managed to maintain my training regime and am still about ten feet ahead of where I was last year at this time.  I am throwing the heavy 8-kilogram and 10-kilogram hammers especially well and have been very close to my personal best this week with the latter.  I am also throwing a few light hammers, but I have not been able to throw those nearly as well.
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Year in Review; Year in Preview

I have ended the year on a good note.  Coach Bondarchuk reduced my training volume to approximately 25 percent of its normal level this week.  The extra rest has paid off.  Today I threw 61 meters (200-00) with the heavy 8-kilogram (17.6-pound) hammer.  That is little more than one foot off of my personal best with that weight.  Add in six more months of training, a little warmer weather, and the adrenaline of competition, and hopefully some good throws will result in 2009.
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What a difference a week makes

I guess all I needed was a fresh start. With a new quarter of school underway, things seems to be going great. I have a great schedule of classes with some strong professors. I also am lucky enough to get some practical experience working as an extern for the IRS Office of Chief Counsel’s Seattle office. The internship has been an informative and exciting experience so far. I have previously worked representing taxpayers, and it is interesting to see how the other side handles each case.
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