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The Mental Game

I’ve always thought that the best tool for sports psychology is a good training program. A good training program won’t solve all of an athlete’s problems, but when training is going well, it is hard to convince an athlete that they will not succeed. Throwers even have a unique advantage in this department. We get to practice every day like it’s a competition and are truly able know what shape we are in; all we have to do is pull out the tape measure and measure our results. Distance runners, on the other hand, do not have this advantage. An article in last month’s Runner’s World talked about how Kara Goucher has worked with a sports psychologist to overcome her mental hurdles. Unlike throwers, it is harder for runners to know exactly what shape they are in. They obviously run in practice, but they don’t replicate an entire race at competitive speeds. Even if they do, they cannot replicate race tactics in training. When the distance runner toes the line, they often aren’t quite sure what to expect and that is where doubt can enter the mind.
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Kamloops 2010 World Masters Championships

Even the school next to my house is looking forward to the World Masters Championships.

This week, Kamloops will be the host of the 2010 World Masters Indoor Athletics Championships. Kamloops is often the host of sporting events and is even known as the Tournament Capital of Canada. With thousands of athletes coming from across the globe, this will be one the largest events the city has ever hosted.  The whole town is behind the event and it should be a great success.
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