Block Periodization 2: Fundamentals Concepts & Training DesignVladimir Issurin$65.00
Block Periodization: Breakthrough in Sport TrainingVladimir Issurin$65.00
Building the Modern Athlete: Scientific Advancements and Training InnovationsVladimir Issurin$65.00
Champion School: A Year to Year Model for Developing Elite AthletesAnatoliy Bondarchuk$65.00
Developing Explosive Athletes: Use of Velocity Based Training in Training AthletesBryan Mann$25.00
Soviet Sport MethodsAnatoliy Bondarchuk$65.00
Special Strength Training Manual for CoachesYuri Verkhoshansky$65.00
Strength Training and Coordination: An Integrative ApproachFrans Bosch$55.00
SupertrainingYuri Verkhoshansky and Mel Siff$65.00
The Ball and Chain: A Guide to Hammer ThrowingMartin Bingisser$30.00
The Olympian Manual for Strength and SizeAnatoliy Bondarchuk$65.00
Transfer of Training in SportsAnatoliy Bondarchuk$65.00
Transfer of Training in Sports Volume 2Anatoliy Bondarchuk$65.00
Transfer of Training in Sports Volume 3Anatoliy Bondarchuk$65.00