GAINcast Episode 215: Peanut (with Kristen Gambetta Anderson)

We’re changing things up on this week’s episode. Rather than sharing a coaching perspective, we’re looking at sport through the eyes of a former athlete, sports businesswoman, and daughter . . . not just any daughter, Vern’s daughter. Kristen Gambetta Anderson joins this week’s podcast to discuss her own under rated path through sport, her work in sports business, and provides a new perspective on Vern as a coach and father.

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Notes and quotes

Kristen Gambetta Anderson is a senior director of sports and entertainment at Rakuten. As Vern’s daughter, she grew up around sports from a young age and played both soccer and track at Rice University, before transitioning to a career in sports business and marketing.

  • 0:00 – Introduction.
  • 4:30 – Gambetta Anderson’s current role in sports marketing.
  • 11:00 – Growing up around athletics and focusing on fun in youthsport.
  • 17:00 – Starting late in soccer.
  • 19:15 – First love of track and field.
  • 21:15 – Having a father as a coach.
  • 24:00 – Focusing on one sport and the path to Rice University.
  • 30:30 – Back to the track and mental help support.
  • 39:15 – Transition to sports business.
  • 44:00 – Women’s sports.
  • 51:30 – Lessons learned from Vern and the importance of the individual.
  • 54:30 – Athlete stories.

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