Focused Training

Multitasking does not work in life nor does it work in training. In designing and implementing an effective training session focus is essential. It is tempting to include more, to tick off the boxes so speak so that you touch all bases in a training session. Instead it is imperative to have a specific objective for the training session and a very focused means to achieve the objective. Less is more, trite but true. Give the body a very sharp direct stimulus designed to achieve training objective. Too many repetitious drills or exercises will dull the training effect. Look carefully at the construction of the whole workout from warm-up through to cooldown. Make sure everything included in the training session is in pursuit of the objective of the session, only include need to do activities, get rid of the nice to do. Be sure to consider what happens inter workout, essentially the preceding workout should set up the current workout and the succeeding workout should flow out of it. No workout should stand alone; they are all interrelated to achieve optimum adaptive response. In essence it is fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together until you have the whole picture.

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