Get Past The What

What you do in training, the exercises are no more than just stuff unless you know WHY you do what you do. It is easy to go to these so called “summits” and come away with more stuff but all the stuff comes up short because there is little underpinning of why. To make training transfer to performance demands a deep investment in WHY to give the WHAT meaning, purpose and direction.

Once you understand WHY and can articulate it clearly then the next step is to delve into the HOW, the actual movements involved, the rhythm and tempo. Then start thinking about teaching and introducing the movement. What movement problem will you give the athlete to solve that will elicit the desired response? Set it up so that the athlete can discover their own path. Next consider the WHEN, the timing of implementation of the exercise. To me the WHEN is how you lead into the movement and where it will progress to, the process. It is always more than the exercise.

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