GAINcast Episode 114: Building an academy (with Finn Gundersen)

The Burke Mountain Academy was America’s first ski academy. What is unique about it is not how progressive it was, but how that progressive mindset has stood the test of time. After nearly 50 years it continues to refine its ability to develop Olympic skiers an world-class individuals. On this week’s GAINcast co-founder Finn Gundersen joins us to discussion the beginnings and growth of the academy, as well as his current work in coaches education in soccer and other sports.

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Notes and quotes

Gundersen was a co-founder of the Burke Mountain Academy, where he worked as a teacher, head coach and Headmaster for a total of 25 years. Over that time the Academy produced over 50 Olympians and 150 U.S. Ski Team members. Since 2000 he has worked in a variety of roles for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association, the 2002 Olympics, and most recently as Director of Sport Education for HP Sports, where he works with coaches from the grassroots to professional level to improve development programs.

The Burke Mountain Academy
Making better coaches

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