GAINcast Episode 153: Making shapes (with Tom Barton)

Range of motion is a critical element of movement. If you can’t get into a position, it will be difficult or impossible to incorporate that into a movement. Tom Barton has worked as a physiotherapist with some of the world’s top swimmers. He joins this week’s GAINcast to look at how the brain and body interact to reach positions, training range of motion, and other related topics.

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Notes and quotes

Tom Barton is the director of the Health Collab in Queensland, Australia. There he works as a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and trainer. He has worked as a physiotherapist with the Australian National Swim Team, and currently assists Singapore. He has also developed the innovative Q Swim app. This episode started by discussing his general approach to understanding the body, and then dove into specific training issues and how he would look at them.

Understanding the body and movement
Specific training topics

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Further reading

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