GAINcast Episode 11: Coaching Art and Science

One of the biggest change in sports over the past half century has been the increased involvement of science. The role of science has been central in moving training forward, but it is the art of coaching that puts the science into practice on the field. Maintaining a healthy balance between art and science is essential to progress as a coach. In the words of Winston Churchill at the end of the day to get results “Science should be on tap, not on top.” On this episode, Vern dives in to the interplay between coaching art and science.


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  1. Chris Wood
    Chris Wood says:

    I really love all you guys are doing for education of coaches in our field. This was a great episode. I was however surprised by Coach Gambetta’s opinion on the USTFCCCA. Having gone through level 2 with USATF on all disciplines besides multi-events and the corresponding certs on the USTFCCCA org I can say the major difference is legislation. USTFCCCA is the college professionals line of communication with the NCAA. I’m sure this is strategic but all of our championships are linked in with TFRRS/DA and USTFCCCA at this point. The practical aspect needs to be included but the “splinter” organization has a legitimate purpose in the college sport. Again, I’m nitpicking but Boo and Mike Corn have done a great job at unifying at least the collegiate end of the sport.


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