GAINcast Episode 180: Sub 2 (with Dr. Michael Joyner)

Dr. Michael Joyner has been writing about the limits of human performance for decades and back in 1991 was one of the first to analyze the possibility of a sub 2-hour marathon. On this episode of the GAINcast, Joyner breaks down recent two hour attempts, the role of technology in pushing performance forward, and what trends he sees on the horizon for endurance athletes.

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Notes and quotes

Joyner is an Anesthesiologist at the Mayo Clinic. In addition, Joyner enjoys research the limits of human performance and is one of the leading commenters of sports science in endurance.

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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

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  • Joyner was a guest on GAINcast 59, where we discussed more about the limits of performance and also how coaches can analyze sport science research.
  • You can learn more from Dr. Joyner on Twitter @DrMJoyner and on his personal blog. His research interests are also outlined here.
  • For more on the sub 2 topic, you can read his original research paper on the topic, this more recent article, plus a good Runner’s World article on the topic.