July 2019 in review: training speed

No matter the sport, speed matters. Speed is a topic we’ve covered a lot here on HMMR Media, and it is also a topic we will keep coming back to because it is so vital to elite performance. In July we put together a variety of resources on the topic from 10 contributors, including 1 new video lesson, 5 new podcast episodes, and 7 detailed training articles.

Below you’ll find links to all our new resources and some highlights from our archives on the topic. As always, become a Plus Member to make sure you get access to all of the vast resources on the site. This also isn’t the first month we’ve focused on training speed. The May 2018 theme was also training speed, and we’ve done even more on the topic going back to the start of the site which are highlighted on our speed page.

» Past themes: see a full archive of our past monthly themes here.

Resources on training speed

Archived podcasts

Archived videos
Archived articles
  • Vern Gambetta put together a detailed three-part article series outlining the mechanics of sprinting: part one, part two, and part three.
Archived written interviews